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Being an entrepreneur can be exciting, but it gets lonely. Thrive was created so people like you never have to chase their dream alone. Join today and meet your new community of supporters, peers, and mentors.

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What is a "bootstrapped" business?

Bootstrapping refers to starting a business from scratch with minimal outside investment and little to no capital. This means that a bootstrapped business must survive through internal cashflow.

We at Thrive don't think there's anything fundamentally wrong with an entrepreneur seeking out investors, but we also understand that investment capital is not accessible to everyone. Moreover, accepting money from an investor means giving up equity and control over your business.

The key to successfully bootstrapping a business is having the right people in your corner. People whose mistakes you can avoid and whose successes you can repeat.

How Thrive Helps Bootstrappers Win

Thrive Chapters

Networking is hard, and its not for everyone. Thrive assesses each member's personality, their company's pain points, and how far along they are in their entrepreneurial journey to ensure that you're matched with a like-minded, intimate group of supporters who want to see you succeed.

Weekly Live Webinars

Thrive holds weekly webinars with startup and early-stage business experts that include interactive presentations, discussions, and Q&As. You'll learn alongside your peers from our growing network of founders, startup coaches, and influencers.

Access to the Thrive Community

Get access to Thrive's community of bootstrapped founders and entrepreneurs. Our community will provide you with feedback on your ideas, resources and knowledge to achieve your business goals, and meaningful connections with other individuals just like you.

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Hi, I'm Eric Harrison

and I created Thrive because it's the community I wish existed when I founded my first consulting business over five years ago.

I was making difficult decisions every day with no firsthand experience to tap into and nobody who had been in my shoes to bounce ideas off of.

It wasn't until I surrounded myself with like-minded business owners that I began to see success in my journey as a founder.

Stop building your company on hard-mode and join Thrive today.

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Not Ready to Join Yet? Meet Some of Our Members.

Rusty von Waldburg

Founder | The Spokes Group

Thrive gave me a place to share my knowledge of revenue with others, and gave me a different perspective on my own business.

If you're not in here, you are truly missing out.

Diana Cameron

Founder | The Haven

What Thrive is doing for bootstrapping entrepreneurs is incredible. What their team embodies (and what inspired me to do more) is this: Be personal, show vulnerability, and go the extra step to connect person to person.

David Greer

Founder | Livingstone

There's a lot of advice on other platforms that doesn't apply to someone who's building from scratch.

These people just get it. I can't say enough good things about what they are building.

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